18 March 1886: Born/Née Liège, Belgium

1901: Baptised/Baptisée

1901: Ecole normale primaire, Liège

1907: Founded/Crée le Syndicat de la l’Aiguille (Needleworkers Union)

1907: Founded/Crée les Ligues ouvrières féminines chrétiennes (LOFC)/ Leagues of Women Christian Workers

1909: Begins to launch study circles for the Catholic Church with the support of Cardinal Mercier. Study circles at Brussels, Laeken, Mons, Nivelles, Andenne, Huy and elsewhere.

1912: Publishes La Femme belge documenting the above work

1912: Launches the Secrétariat Général des Unions Professionnelles Féminines Chrétiennes de Belgiquewith Maria Baers.

1914: Vice-president of the Confédération des Syndicats Chrétiens (CSC) -(Confederation of Christian Trade Uniions)

1919: She was excluded from the leadership of the CSC

1919: Takes part in International Women Workers Conference, Washington DC

1919: Takes part in first International Labour Conference

1919: International Council of Women

1920: Adviser to Minister of Industry, Labor and Supply

1920: Launches the Ecole Normale Sociale

Died/Morte: 29 October 1927